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Matthew Nall, Live Sound Professional

Freelance Audio Designer/Mixer/Production Management

  • Personal Info

    1. Very Loyal and Dependable

    2. Married with a 5 year old

    3. Based in Tampa, FL

    4. Clean Arrest Record; Clean Driving Record; has had government clearance in the past

      1. No problems being added to insurance or traveling overseas

    5. B.A Business Management - University of Kentucky

      1. 5 Years as a District Manager for a large corporation; 7 Years owning my own retail store franchise 

    6. Has worked in 49 states and 3 Continents

  • Audio Career

    1. 22 Years Experience

    2. A1 and system tech for one small and one giant regional audio companies for a combined 8 years

    3. Freelanced for over dozen Groups/Promoters/Companies 

    4. Sample of past FOH/Production Management/Designer runs

      1. Gym Class Heros

      2. Saleka

      3. Ambrosia

      4. All-4-One

      5. Annie on Tour

      6. Young Frankenstein on Broadway and 1st National Tour

      7. La Cage Broadway and 1st National Tour

      8. The Wiz Regional

      9. Beauty and the Beast Regional

      10. Little Shop Regional

    5. Eco-Systems and Consoles I am Fluent in

      1. Meyer Sound

      2. D&B Sound

      3. L-Acoustics

      4. Avid - S6L, Profile

      5. Cadac E Series

      6. Yamaha - LS9, CL and QL, PM5D Rivage

      7. Digico - SD Line and Quantum Line

      8. A&H - Sq Line, Avantis, D-Live

      9. Midas - Heritage Analog, XL4, Pro Line (I own a Pro2, 64 channels of input and a Dante network for routing and recording)

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